The DGP introduces itself!

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Palliativmedizin (DGP), the German association for palliative medicine, founded in 1994, works across disciplines with a variety of professionals: 55 percent of the 5.800 DGP-members are physicians, almost 30 percent are involved in care services and a further 15 percent work in other professions (amongst others psychology, spiritual welfare, social work, physiotherapy, pharmacology and law).

The agenda of this scientific association is to promote the interdisciplinary development of palliative medicine/palliative care in a wide range of areas. The academic discipline of palliative medicine aims to further develop the comprehensive care of seriously ill and dying people, their family and their friends.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Palliativmedizin – Focussing on patients and families

Deutsche Gesellschaft
für Palliativmedizin e. V.
Aachener Straße 5
10713 Berlin

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